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What I'm Standing For

The role of a Member for Parliament is to represent the priorities of their electorate. When it comes to what we need, I'll be asking, not telling. The following 6 priorities have been developed through consultation with you.

The Need for an Independent

We care about the place we live in. We want to have a say in our community's future. We want to ensure our region's needs become a priority.

Finniss simply cannot afford to be a safe seat anymore. 


It's time to elect a highly engaged MP who will dedicate time and energy to represent you and your priorities. As your local MP, I will be your advocate in our Parliament, solely responsible to you.


As an independent Member for Parliament (MP) I will:

  • Always act with integrity and honesty.

  • Represent you, the people of Finniss, not political party agendas

  • Be truly representative of the electorate of Finniss, without the pressure to toe party lines or blindly support party policies that do not serve our region.

  • Work collaboratively with governments of all colours to advocate for the needs of Finniss as identified through consultation with you.

  • Participate in Parliament on your behalf, promoting and strengthening legislation, combining both your views and evidence-based deliberation.

I am committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency.

As your independent representative, I'll not be in an Adelaide-based party room or elsewhere in the state fulfilling party duties and obligations.


I'll be out here, in our community, working for you.

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Our Hospital and Health Services

Our health care workers give their all to keep us healthy and safe. They provide us, the residents of Finniss, with the best possible care using the funding and resources available to them.

Within Finniss we have community members and health care workers calling for:

  • Increased mental health services: for older people, adults, young people and children.

  • Increased funding for community palliative care to ensure 24 hour support to patient's in their own home.

  • Hospice beds here on the Fleurieu so that patients and their loved-ones do not have to be so far from home, in Adelaide, during this difficult time.

  • Introduction of midwifery-led maternity services.

  • Paediatric beds at the South Coast District Hospital which is currently unable to admit children.

  • Increased disability and allied health services in the community. Wait-lists are incredibly long.

  • 24 hour radiology to avoid over night ambulance transfers to Flinders Medical Centre just for an x-ray.

I will work closely with our health delivery services and teams, the local Health Advisory Council as well as community groups to ensure the needs of Finniss, today and into the future, are identified, prioritised and fiercely advocated for.

I will work hard to promote the Fleurieu and wider electorate as a wonderful place to live and work to attract more of the skills we need.

The need for an independent
Hospital & Health

Under-resourced Ambulance Station

Are you confident that an ambulance will come in time when you are in need?

  • Our local paramedics are burnt-out and fed up with the chronic shortage of resources, which limits their ability to serve our community and puts local residents at risk.

  • The Victor Harbor ambulance station hasn’t had an increase in staffing for 20 years. 

  • Victor Harbor paramedics operate out of an old, run-down 3-bedroom home. They were told they were getting a new station 20 years ago. We are still waiting.

  • Local paramedics are frequently stuck out of our region, ramping at our metro hospitals is out of control.

  • At this important time for our community, we need health funding to match our needs, which are only growing


This year, the State Government committed 74 additional paramedics for SA including 24 for the regions. Yet Victor Harbor has received none. As your local MP, I will fight for our community's fair share.

I will join with our paramedics and the Ambulance Employees Association SA (AEASA) to advocate for urgent funds for Finniss, so you can have confidence an ambulance will come in time should you need one.

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Ambulane service
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Climate Action

The time for climate action is now. This is not just for us but our children, grand-children and beyond.

The people of Finniss want to participate in strong climate action as well as enjoy economic growth.

  • We must reduce our carbon emissions urgently and capture the carbon already in our atmosphere.

  • A fossil-free economy generates economic opportunity.

  • We want state-funded infrastructure in Finniss, such as our hospital and local aquatic centre, to be solar-powered with battery banks. This not only leads to savings on energy but resilience in the event of bush fires or other emergencies that can create significant power-outages.

  • We need affordable pathways for low-income households to access solar panels.

  • With solar feed-in tariffs on the decline, our State Government must invest in residential and community solar battery storage.

  • Our State Government has a role to play in making alternative energy vehicles a possibility for everyone.


Across all levels of government, industry and community we must start making change. If elected, I will support and push for State Government initiatives and policies that contribute to net-zero carbon emissions.


The economic stability of our electorate through the challenging times ahead is very important to me. I will work closely with our Councils, federal MP, business chambers, industry representatives, local businesses and individuals to advocate for strong support where needed. I'll always be engaging with you and listening to the needs of Finniss.



Across the Fleurieu we have organisations and volunteers working hard to assist our significant number of homeless and at-risk residents.


The Fleurieu Community Foundation, together with the Wyatt Trust initiated and fully funded an Early Intervention Officer through Junction Goolwa, providing aid to preventing at-risk residents of losing their homes or accommodation.


After all, homelessness can happen to anyone.

  • Finniss requires government investment to generate more social housing, in order to support those facing difficult circumstances.

  • We need to recognise the success of the Early Intervention Officer at Junction Goolwa and start pitching in, instead of relying solely on our dedicated local volunteers and charitable organisations.

  • The  issue of affordable housing in Finniss needs attention. We need to take it out of the "too hard" basket.

Our incredible local organisations, volunteer groups and charities are working hard to support our most vulnerable in Finniss.

It’s time for our local representative, and our state government, to stop relying on them. We must come to the table for more proactive, sustainable solutions and support.

If elected, I will engage with stakeholders across the electorate to develop and advocate for practical solutions to help those doing it tough.


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Infrastructure and The Future

Our region is experiencing significant population growth.


It's little wonder. We enjoy a great community with pristine coastline, open spaces, fresh air and regional life-style, all just an hour from Adelaide. We know that the Fleurieu is a wonderful place to live.


Growth is important. However, we don't want to lose the features that make our region so special, or put our current infrastructure and environment under pressure.


Our roads, water, power, sewage, recreational facilities, schools, childcare, health services, tourism, culture, environment and more all need careful consideration and planning now and into the future.

  • Local communities and councils need to be able to contribute to, and influence, local planning decisions and major projects.

  • We want sensible, responsible subdivisions that value open space and align with the essence and character of our Fleurieu lifestyle.

  • We need to implement basic recommendations today to reduce injuries and fatalities on the roads within our community.

  • We need to attract skills, industries and entrepreneurs as well as support local businesses to drive our local economy and job creation.

  • We want to celebrate the traditional custodians of this land and the rich cultural heritage of our area.

  • We want a thriving tourism industry that values the natural features of our environment.

  • We need a state MP who will be a strong advocate for the Murray mouth, lower lakes and Coorong.


As your local MP, I will ensure the current and future needs of our electorate are determined through consultation with you - our local communities, individuals, businesses, schools, councils and industry. I will be a fierce advocate for our region's needs and will promote our community in the halls of our Parliament.

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